New Product Line – Flower strip cut-outs

I’m a pretty busy lady, but I try and keep up with what’s going on in the world of Irish Dance style because it changes daily. I’m seeing a lot of lace strips and cut-out embroidered work.  I don’t like following trends unless it’s fun and I can improve upon them.  After some testing and some failures, I’ve created a process to make extremely delicate embroidered cut out flower strips. What makes mine more unique is that they are so delicate, they look like lace, but with a lot more definition and color.  Also, like my lace, they have embroidered […]

Swarovski’s or not….that is the question.

Which one is the Swarovski? If you chose the heart, you’re correct. You can still tell the difference, but as time goes by, it’s getting harder. If you google “The Rhinestone Guy”, he has a great blog on Swarovski’s. I don’t normally use Swarovski’s in my designs because I want to keep prices on my tiara’s down, but if a customer specifically requests them, I will, but at an additional cost. Recently I DID get a request to use Swarovski’s and since it had been a long time, I had to check the costs with my suppliers. The average cost […]

Why Do My Tiaras Cost Less?

As a consumer, I normally never buy the lowest cost item because I am immediately suspicious about it’s quality. When I was a TCRG, I charged less for my lessons.  My husband would warn me about the same philosophy, people may not take lessons from me because they’re the cheapest around. I am constantly being told by friends and customers, “You don’t charge enough for your work!”  It’s a valid point, so why charge less? Here’s why in a nutshell: Irish dancing unfortunately has become an expensive hobby.  It’s getting harder and harder for families to afford it. I PASSIONATELY […]