Swarovski’s or not….that is the question.

Which one is the Swarovski? If you chose the heart, you’re correct. You can still tell the difference, but as time goes by, it’s getting harder. If you google “The Rhinestone Guy”, he has a great blog on Swarovski’s.

I don’t normally use Swarovski’s in my designs because I want to keep prices on my tiara’s down, but if a customer specifically requests them, I will, but at an additional cost. Recently I DID get a request to use Swarovski’s and since it had been a long time, I had to check the costs with my suppliers. The average cost was $5.50 for ONE 28mm AB teardrop! High quality Austrian stones like the one on the left, averages $1 to $2.50 a stone. That is still the most popular stone for tiara’s in the Irish Dancing world.

So, the question still remains, Swarovski or not?

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