Why Do My Tiaras Cost Less?

As a consumer, I normally never buy the lowest cost item because I am immediately suspicious about it’s quality.

When I was a TCRG, I charged less for my lessons.  My husband would warn me about the same philosophy, people may not take lessons from me because they’re the cheapest around.

I am constantly being told by friends and customers, “You don’t charge enough for your work!”  It’s a valid point, so why charge less?

Here’s why in a nutshell:

Irish dancing unfortunately has become an expensive hobby.  It’s getting harder and harder for families to afford it. I PASSIONATELY believe that families of ALL income levels should be able to enjoy this wonderful art form!

I do this for the love of the art. Yes, my business needs to earn money to pay for the embroidery machine, rhinestones, etc…but I will always try my best to keep costs down and share them with my customers.

But the question still remains….when you buy a tiara from me, will it be quality or will you be one of the many consumers burnt by buying junk for low cost?

I passionately stand by my brand and I make quality tiara’s for a good price because I want all dancers of all income levels to feel beautiful when they’re out there in front of the adjudicator competing.

Still think this is too good to be true? Read my customer’s feedback and decide for yourself.






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