New Product Line – Flower strip cut-outs

I’m a pretty busy lady, but I try and keep up with what’s going on in the world of Irish Dance style because it changes daily.

I’m seeing a lot of lace strips and cut-out embroidered work.  I don’t like following trends unless it’s fun and I can improve upon them.  After some testing and some failures, I’ve created a process to make extremely delicate embroidered cut out flower strips.

What makes mine more unique is that they are so delicate, they look like lace, but with a lot more definition and color.  Also, like my lace, they have embroidered loops sewn in for bobby pins to go through and attach the hairpiece to the wig.  I HATE SEEING BOBBY PINS COVERING UP HAIR ACCESSORIES!  My teacher would have flipped if she saw us wearing them that way.

Here are some pics and more coming.  you can get these now on my etsy site under the “Side Tiara” link

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