Buckles-Elastic or Metal?

Hello everyone!

The feedback has been great so far! Keep it coming! There is still another free set of buckles that I need to give away!

Original post:
I need feedback from the Irish Dance community.

I see both elastic and metal buckles. Which do you prefer?

What kind of stones do you like? Big sew on squares or circles or smaller glue on Rhinestones?

What color? I know AB is the hot color, but what other colors do you like?

The first to respond will get a free set of buckles in the preference of their choice!

Please respond with your answers to this blog or message me on
Facebook. *

* if I don’t have the supplies in stock, please allow time for restocking.

3 thoughts on “Buckles-Elastic or Metal?

  1. I love elastic but metal are great too!!! AB, pink, turquoise, and I saw a cool pair once that were in the shape of Shamrocks!

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