Need your feedback. The winner gets the side tiara of their choice

I need feedback from my customers.

1. What are the hottest colors in solo costumes right now? What colors would you like to see?

2. What improvements could be made in Tiaras and side tiaras?

3. Is there a product or service you’d like to see that isn’t offered.

I will review the responses and pick what I think is the best response. The winner gets to choose from the side tiaras listed in The following link.

2 thoughts on “Need your feedback. The winner gets the side tiara of their choice

  1. in the cirlces that I am in I’ve seen a pull away from pastels and colours going back to earth type tones and primary.. sometimes with brighter, vibrant colurs as highlights or a thread colour with a metalic accent.. my dress is black and silver, but that leaves me to accent colour in accessories in any colour.. it makes things more versatile, and I’ve been seeing more of that.. rather then have tiaras and headbands that work with only one dress, you can keep using that headband thats your favorite..

    1. Thank you! I’m trying to make more tiaras using the same concept so they can be used at blackout Feis’s and multiple dresses.

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