Buy your tiara locally!

Hello everyone. I know many of you are busy at the worlds, but I need to post this. When you are making a buying decision, please consider your local vendor that makes handmade, quality items that in my case have a lifetime warranty. You may save some money up front buying mass produced items, but what if it falls apart? Who will fix or replace it? Isn’t better to initially spend more money for something that will last for years? Many of us small vendors are having a hard time keeping up our craft because it’s difficult to compete against […]

My blessings to the dancers who will be competing in the Worlds.

I want to send my blessings to our dancers who are competing in the worlds. We won’t be there but you will be in our thoughts and prayers. May you dance injury free and most importantly, that you will have joy in the fact that you have achieved an amazing goal in just being there! Also, please don’t lose who you are! It is such a temptation to buy whatever everyone else is buying, be it a tiara, wig, dress or whatever. Resist! Wear what you love and that will show who you are! You are all unique! Shout it […]