Custom Design Service

With the Nationals coming up, I thought it was time to send a reminder on our Custom Design Tiara Service Here are the requirements for a custom tiara: 1. A $20 deposit is required BEFORE work is to commence on the design. As you will see from pictures of my designs and my 5 star rating in Etsy, that your $20 will be worth it. 2. Pictures of the dress laying flat 3. If you want an exact color match, you’ll need to take the dress to the fabric store and match the colors. IMPORTANT! Once you approve the design, […]

Game of Thrones Crowns

After all the hype from Game of Thrones, I had to create my versions of the crowns. Irish dancers who compete are like warriors! So I’m creating warrior crowns for the warriors!

Buy your tiara locally!

Hello everyone. I know many of you are busy at the worlds, but I need to post this. When you are making a buying decision, please consider your local vendor that makes handmade, quality items that in my case have a lifetime warranty. You may save some money up front buying mass produced items, but what if it falls apart? Who will fix or replace it? Isn’t better to initially spend more money for something that will last for years? Many of us small vendors are having a hard time keeping up our craft because it’s difficult to compete against […]

My blessings to the dancers who will be competing in the Worlds.

I want to send my blessings to our dancers who are competing in the worlds. We won’t be there but you will be in our thoughts and prayers. May you dance injury free and most importantly, that you will have joy in the fact that you have achieved an amazing goal in just being there! Also, please don’t lose who you are! It is such a temptation to buy whatever everyone else is buying, be it a tiara, wig, dress or whatever. Resist! Wear what you love and that will show who you are! You are all unique! Shout it […]

meet the new Brianna

I am now updating and modernizing some of my tiaras. Here is the new version of the Brianna. This is a dramatic tiara that cannot be missed. It looks amazing with the Clodagh and the Alliyah wig. This tiara is almost 4 inches high.  What’s even greater about all our tiaras is that they are light!  Only 3 ounces. They also have multiple elastic loops to hold them in place. No more metal tiara headaches!  All stones are either hand sewn or glued on with E6000. The rhinestones can be either Alora or AAAA quality crystals.

You spoke, we listened.

At the last Feis, we got some productive feedback regarding our “pointy tiaras”. We listened to you and now we are adding “non-pointy” versions of all our traditional tiaras. If there is a product you’d like us to make that you don’t see here, drop us a line!

We are now a Camelia Rose Authorized Reseller!

We are now an authorized dealer for Camelia Rose wigs! Call us at 9162517983 or email at to place your advanced order. We will be at the San Francisco Feis on the weekend of February 16.