Need your feedback. The winner gets the side tiara of their choice

I need feedback from my customers. 1. What are the hottest colors in solo costumes right now? What colors would you like to see? 2. What improvements could be made in Tiaras and side tiaras? 3. Is there a product or service you’d like to see that isn’t offered. I will review the responses and pick what I think is the best response. The winner gets to choose from the side tiaras listed in The following link.

Traditional Tiaras and Side Tiaras

One of my recent customers asked for both a traditional and side tiara in colors to match her dress. I thought that was a brilliant idea!  Not only does it give a variety of options on what to wear, you’ll always be in style!

Welcome to our store!

Welcome to our amazing new online store! It’s accessible via both Facebook and on my website.  

Lace crowns, a work of art.

Irish dance fashion is very trendy and changes from month to month.  I’ve never been a trendy type of person.  I’ve always kept to the classics in my personal style.  Yes, I will make what my customers want, but I love to make classy, beautiful designs. My lace crowns are the perfect example.  They are made with my embroidery machine and can be multiple colors.  You can choose whether you want pearls or crystals sewn in.  Everything that is not sewn is double glued.  I feel that the dancer who wears the crown in the classiest.  Be sure to order […]

Our workshop remodel

We have finished our first project in remodeling our workshop. We have created our wall of thread.  

Check out our new video

These are custom tiaras we have made for our customers in the past. It shows the dress, the design and the final product. You will also see how much Irish Dancing fashion has changed in just a year.  

Our Rhinestones

We only use Austrian crystals for our small colored rhinestones and high quality crystal sew on’s that look almost identical side by side with Swarovski’s.  We do NOT use resin or DMC rhinestones. Sew on stones are not only glued, but hand sewn as well for extra durability. Light and easy to wear. 

Celtic Knotwork Lace Jewelry

We are now creating Celtic Knotwork Lace Chokers, Bracelets and Earrings.  Our jewelry is unique.  It is embroidered freestanding lace that can be made in all of our extensive inventory of colors to match your outfit for fun or special occasion.  To add to the intricate lace, we have added polished agates, semi precious stones, crystals and freshwater pearls and hand sewn them into the lace. Shop Jewelry  

SpiritualIrishDancer Tiara Couture

We are re-defining who we are. The definition of “couture” according to the Miriam Webster dictionary is as follows: Definition of couture 1: the business of designing, making, and selling fashionable custom-made women’s clothing This statement applies to who we are and what we do.  EVERYTHING we do is custom made, from our Champion Tiaras down to our bows.  The only thing that we resell is wigs. When you order something from us, you will have a personalized one on one experience.  Everything we make is one of a kind to your specifications: size, color, design etc…. We are now […]

Murray Feis, Portland OR October 13&14

We are going to be a vendor at the Murray Feis in Portland OR the weekend of October 13. If you want a tiara to match your dress, now is the time to bring it to the Feis to get a perfect match. We’ll also be debuting our new custom buckles and JoJo like bows. Murray Feis