JoJo-Inspired bows


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JoJo-inspired bows are what’s hot now. These are especially popular with beginner dancers who want to add a little bling to perk up their school costumes for solo dances. These work really well for teams. Pick and choose from the colors and stones on my website to create a beautiful hair accent to coordinate with your costume. The can be worn under a bun wig or on the side of the head to add additional color and bling. These are made with sew on AB and colored crystals and hot fix ones as well. They work best with easily attached alligator clips.

These bows are hand made and sewn as well as glued for extra durability. We have many different colored ribbon and these each can be made to your specifications, size, ribbon and stones.
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JoJo-Inspired bows JoJo-Inspired bows JoJo-Inspired bows