Maeve Double row embroidered tiara.


Maeve Double row embroidered tiara. 00052
Tall, dramatic Tiaras are what’s in style now to go with the large wigs. This embroidered Tiara has endless possibilities with colors and stones. Pick and choose from the thread and fabric colors and stones to create a beautiful hair accent to coordinate with your costume. They can be worn with a full or bun wig. Elastics are glued AND machine sewn onto vinyl, which won’t shred and is lightweight. No more ugly bobby pins showing with our tiaras!

I only use Austrian crystals for my small colored rhinestones and high quality crystal sew on’s that look almost identical side by side with Swarovski’s. I do NOT use resin or DMC rhinestones. Sew on stones are not only glued, but hand sewn as well for extra durability.
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