Irish Dancing Accessories made by an Irish Dancer.

I have been an Irish Dancer all my life. Then I became a teacher, (T.C.R.G). I love crafting and when I retired from teaching, it made sense for me to make products that work for Irish Dancers. I have seen many crystals that have fallen off costumes, so my crystals are sewn on. All my other products are very sturdy as well.

We are re-defining who we are.
The definition of “couture” according to the Miriam Webster dictionary is as follows:
Definition of couture
1: the business of designing, making, and selling fashionable custom-made women's clothing
This statement applies to who we are and what we do. EVERYTHING we do is custom made, from our Champion Tiaras down to our bows. The only thing that we resell is wigs.
When you order something from us, you will have a personalized one on one experience. Everything we make is one of a kind to your specifications: size, color, design etc....
We are now called “SpiritualIrishDancer - Tiara Couture”